Hitman: 10 WORST Ways To Die

Agent 47's most creative kills you need to see from the Hitman video game franchise.

hitman absolution
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In the world of contract assassination, the hallmark of a consummate professional is discretion. Get in, do the job without issue or fuss and slip out unnoticed.

And whilst you can do that in the world of Agent 47, it doesn't have to be so linear. Why not have a bit of fun with it, just because you can?

Players might want to act out their wildest Sweeney Todd fantasies... for some reason. Where's the fun in a bullet to the head when you can cause them to die in a fiery blaze of glory. Conversely, go for the sly extravagance with some deliberately bad fish.

You can even spoil something as peaceful as yoga, if you really want to go the extra mile.

That's the beauty of the Hitman series: it caters to such a massive variety of killing styles. If you're willing to put the time in, there's some downright vicious methods of dispatch available to players. There's nothing wrong with the straightforward, if that's your bag. But sometimes it's worth going off the beaten track for some nasty creativity.

Consider this list a starting block, as these are just ten of the worst ways that 47's victims have snuffed it over the series. Ten of so very, very many...

10. Shark Bait

hitman absolution
Eidos Interactive

While shark deaths are in such small numbers each year, I'd wager a victim of one of these toothy terrors isn't going to recant you with a lovely time.

Have you seen how sharp and many their teeth are?!

Thankfully, 47 doesn't have to get up close and personal to find that out. Unfortunately his target, Vaana Ketlyn, does. Hosted at The Shark Club (rather fittingly), the Hell area of the party takes place in the basement that, as you'd expect, has a shark as its centrepiece.

A shark tank with a walkway and some pyrotechnics that can be fiddled with...

True to form, sneak 47 past the security and tamper with the 'technics to see Ketlyn set ablaze. Decorum shot, she topples into the water, where our captive fiend gently lifts her to the surface and saves her life.

Or so she'd prefer. Nope, it goes to work on her like a kid in a candy store instead. It's all rather violent, gory and something you can't help but watch play out.

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