Injustice 2 - Predicting 15 Essential Characters That Must Be Included

14. Harley Quinn

arkham knight harley quinn
NetherRealm Studios

Another of the heroes accidentally revealed by tie-in merchandise, Dr. Harleen 'Harley' Quinnzel is another of DC's heavyweights that's bound to be in Injustice 2's starting roster.

Even without the shirt's reveal, it's pretty clear that Harley is going to have a massive impact on the Injustice saga, and with her ever growing popularity firmly entrenching the villainess as one of the foremost DC Comics characters, there's little chance she'll be missing in any up and coming lineups in the future.

Tara Strong turned in an absolutely splendid performance as the two Harley's of Gods Among Us, so a return there only makes sense. Just please, NetherRealm, give her a better costume this time.

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