Madden 22: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

8. Derrick Henry = Cover Athlete?

Madden 22
EA Sports/Reddit/cookiebdough

Some users on Reddit have started mocking up Madden 22 covers already, and everybody seems to believe that Titans running back Derrick Henry is a shoe-in to grace the box. That'd be a break from the QB norm EA has gone with in recent years, but it's not guaranteed.

There are a few hints that suggest Henry has a chance though.

His squad number is 22, and this is Madden 22. Also, he was the NFL's Offensive Player Of The Year last season, and big D has a bit of everyman appeal about him that'd work well on the box. Plus, the source of this rumour is a GameStop poster that was spotted to hype pre-orders for the next game.

Those have been accurate before, so some think the retailer are onto something with "King Henry". After all, they had to get those graphics from somewhere - EA might've dropped some early hints on the cover star for the hell of it.

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