Madden 23: 10 Things You NEED To Know Before Buying

9. FieldSENSE Is "Next-Gen" Only

Madden NFL 23
EA Sports

Right, onto the on-field improvements.

They're the things Madden fans really want to see. As nice as it is to watch players high five as they walk down the corridor, or see face-painted Raiders faithful chanting in parking lots, it's gameplay that counts for most series veterans. The good news? There are noteworthy changes afoot.

The bad news (for some)? They're only on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In other words, you're sh*t out of luck if you're still rocking an old PS4 or Xbox One. EA's brand new "FieldSENSE" feature won't show up in older-gen versions, which sort of means they fall into the "Legacy" branding FIFA offers on last-gen hardware.

If everyone's being honest, this means that Madden 23 on PS4/Xbox One will be Madden 22 with new uniforms and roster updates. No jokes, please! So, what does FieldSENSE have to shout about, and why should you care?

Try these features on for size.

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