Marvel's The Avengers Game: 10 Things You Need To Know

10. Exclusive Beta On PS4

Square Enix

Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of PlayStation’s biggest killer apps, and with the Avengers they’ve got another juicy exclusive. Not the whole game this time, but the beta will be a timed exclusive to the Sony console, meaning those fans will get their hands on it first.

Spider-Man was recognised as a fantastic game, but releasing at a similar time to Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War, it failed to win many major awards. Despite this, it’s arguably much more important to PlayStation than God Of War, at least in terms of attracting new fans.

Here though, people are unlikely to buy a PlayStation just for a timed beta exclusive, but it’s just another thing to throw on the pile. PlayStation is absolutely killing it this gen, and even with skipping E3 they’re still gaining momentum going into the next one.

As for the beta itself, hopefully it’ll be the game in an almost finished state, giving players an early glimpse at what they can look forward too. These days though? It’s just as likely to be a buggy mess with players expected to wade through and find everything that needs fixing prior to release.

Here's hoping The Avengers hits the ground running.

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