Mass Effect: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Totally Missed

4. Find The Missing Soviet Moon Probe

About halfway through the first Mass Effect you'll get the chance to travel back to our very own solar system and visit Luna, Earth's moon . It's a pretty barren landscape filled with little to find outside of a base and some anomalies around the map - but what you probably missed is that one of these map-blips is very special indeed. At first glance, the said anomaly looks like just another piece of space debris. It's most definitely a probe of some kind and - if you examine it - the text CCCP Luna 23 will appear and give you the option to salvage the probe. What you probably didn't know here is that Luna 23 actually exists! An ill-fated mission launched by the Soviet Union way back in the 70's sent this probe up in order to grab some Lunar samples. Unfortunately the mission failed and the probe crashed on the surface of the moon, where it still lives to this day. Fortunately, now you can go visit it anytime you want!
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