Mass Effect: 15 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Totally Missed

3. Reminiscing On Long Elevator Conversations

Cast your mind back to the first game in the series; you'll no doubt remember a crazy Turian named Saren, a huge adventure and a hell of a lot of time waiting in an elevator for stuff to happen. At the time, these elevator sections - which were just glorified loading screens - were met with a lot of criticism. Ever ones to poke funs at themselves, Bioware then threw in a reference to these long, drawn out scenes in Mass Effect 2. To see this you'll have to take Tali and Garrus to the Citadel and they may, at a random point, launch into a bit of random party banter that goes like this:
Garrus: You ever miss those talks we had on the elevator? Tali: No. Garrus: Come on remember how we'd all ask you about life on the flotilla? It was an oppurtunity to share. Tali: This conversation is over. Garrus: Tell me again about your immune system. Tali: I have a shotgun. Garrus: Maybe we'll talk later.
They're of course talking about the long, draw out conversation scenes you could have in the elevators with your party members in the first game, which were just used to fill you with exposition 'til you burst.
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