Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain - 10 Insane New Features You Must See

6. An Inflato-Snake Decoy

All aboard the crazy train, as in the heat of battle one of the things that'll save your skin alongside your quick reflexes and reflexive trigger-finger is the ability to throw down some small mine-looking devices that instead sprout life-size inflatable Snakes. There's a great moment in the video where a thoroughly perplexed guard eventually takes a knife to inflato-Snake, only for it to burst apart in front of him, leaving the real Snake free to take him down from behind. It seems the enemies in Phantom Pain are pretty profoundly stupid, although it helps with the sense of misdirection, as near the end of the demo we saw the player drop three decoys in a row, only to run around the side of the approaching platoon and take them out with ease.
Finally it's possible due to the instant-inflation nature of the decoys and the force of the their propulsion to place them just behind guards for the sake of blasting them in certain directions. Chances are you'll be able to use this to great effect with vehicles too, but in the demo we saw Snake lob one just behind a guard who was looking out over a cliff-edge - only to then be sent screaming into the river below.
Definitely one of the stupidest things we've seen so far, but also one of the funniest.
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