More WWE 2K22 Ratings Revealed

2K Games just leaked overall ratings for 6 more WWE 2K22 characters pre-release.

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2K Games has released overall ratings for six other wrestlers set to be included in WWE 2K22.

Bobby Lashley's overall was revealed midweek - big Bob scored a 91, which was a full five points better than his prior rating in 2K20. Now, 2K has leaked scores for Bianca Belair, Drew McIntyre and all four members of the nWo that will be on-disc.

Belair received an overall of 86. That, for reference, is a whopping nine better than her rating in 2K20. McIntyre, meanwhile, got a bump of his own from 87 in the previous game to 91 in 2K22. That four point leap is probably fair after those WWE Title reigns.


How about Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Syxx though? Hogan's nWo guise will be rated 92 in the next game, and Sean Waltman's character has an overall of 88. The Outsiders, Nash and Hall, both got a solid 90; they're a tag-team, so 2K probs wanted to keep things even there.

Look out for more 2K22 ratings soon. 2K recently unveiled a bunch of new information about the game that you can check out here.

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