NBA 2K18: 10 Players Who Should Get A Stat Boost

2. Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Thunder

2K Sports

Like former friend Durant, Russell Westbrook also found himself sat on a 93 rating in 2K17. Thunder fans may have despaired at the departure of their talismanic forward, but neutrals quivered with excitement at the destruction Westbrook could unleash upon the league - especially with a greater share of the basketball.

Few, however, could have predicted the extent of his dominance. A rampant Westbrook averaged a triple-double over the course of the season, a ridiculous feat only ever equalled by Oscar Robinson in the early '60s.

Yes, his Thunder squad had a pretty unspectacular season, and yes, they were eliminated at the first hurdle of the playoffs - but in terms of individual excellence, Westbrook proved himself above all others. His MVP reward was fully deserved, and his stats should surely increase for NBA 2K18.

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