Persona 5: 10 Best Personas Of All Time

Is this the Persona you desire? Then let us begin.

persona 5

The Persona series debuted on the PlayStation around 1996, giving us mind-blowing stories of demons and monsters that make the player question question everything, whilst also being centred around a group of school friends trying to pass their summer exams. The franchise has many gameplay elements from dungeon crawling turn-based combat to story-based social links, multiple side quests and much more.

In other words, Persona is awesome.

With the newest instalment of the series, Persona 5 Royal taking us back to Shujin Academy with Joker and the rest of The Phantom Thieves - as well as promising all new characters and even more hours of gameplay - it's worth taking a look at which Personas should be in everyone’s compendium.

Persona 5 has over 200 Personas to choose from, and whilst there are some you probably sent straight to the fusion guillotine, there are definitely others you can’t live without. So load up your metaverse app as we take a dive into the Velvet Room with the best Personas ever.

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