PS5: 10 Reasons You Should Be WORRIED

9. Increased Hubris

Playstation 5

The one thing that might entice Sony to go for a price tag higher than 500 dollars is hubris. Going into the next generation Sony is sitting on top of the world. Throughout the PS4's lifecycle, Sony has been killing it with great exclusives, smart marketing, and humility towards the larger gaming industry.

As the PS4 sold more and more consoles, that humility decreased. Sony ascended the throne and with that came arrogance. The most prominent example of this is the 2018 debacle where Sony intentionally held off on cross-platform play and progression. The company painted itself as the villain next to their competitors who were ready to play ball and allow people to play with each other.

While Sony did eventually allow cross-platform play and progression, the hubris continued to grow as Sony decided not to stop hosting it's fan fest PSX and then withdrew from E3 2019.

Sony made it abundantly clear that PS4 was on top of the world, and that's has been the mindset throughout the PS5 reveal as well.

If Sony keeps this up, the company might be in for another slice of humble pie by the end of the year.

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