PS5: 10 Ways To Blow PS4 Out The Water

9. Sheer Loading Speed

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I feel the need, the need for... things to get faster!

The linear nature of time means that progress marches in one direction, and with that each generation of technology gets faster and faster. The internet, with its jump from dial up to super fast fibre optic broadband is a clear example there. So while it stands to reason that the PS5 will be faster than the PS4, when you see just how much faster, you’ll understand how it’s set to blow its predecessor out of the water.

A recent tech demonstration used Spider-Man as their example, but before you get excited, Sony were keen to point out it was not being developed as a PS5 title. It was simply being used as a recognisable game with a fast travel mechanic.

Said fast travel took 8.1 seconds on the PS4 Pro. Pretty speedy to get across New York, but pretty standard from a gameplay perspective. The PS5 model though managed to fast travel Spidey in 0.82 seconds. That means it clocks in at 912.5% faster than the fastest console currently on the market.

The next gen isn’t going to let us catch our breath.

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