Resident Evil 8 Village: 10 Fan Demands Capcom NEEDS To Include

Do we call Village Resident Evil 8age if we don't like to use roman numerals?

Resident Evil 8

One of the biggest third party announcements coming out of Sony's June PlayStation 5 event was the trailer for Resident Evil Village (or VIIIage if you believe the logo).

We saw the return of Ethan and Mia Winters, a glimpse of the titular village shrouded by fog, a siege where Ethan and what appears to be my grandad fought off some toothy werewolves, some witches of the toothless variety, and women who turn into clouds of moths. And there was still time to fit in chunky hunky Chris Redfield showing why he never gets invited to anywhere nice.

With Village being the 27th title, including remakes (but not re-releases), in the series since its inception 25 years ago, it's safe to say that Resident Evil is a franchise that, much like its zombie antagonists, just won't stay dead.

Every new title brings something new to the table, sometimes successful and sometimes not, but it's this spirit of reinvention that has saved the series whenever it's hit any of those famously abysmal low points.

Here are some things we hope they change, and some we're praying they keep the same when we enter the Village.

10. A Slowly Unlocking Location

Resident Evil 8

Everyone knows how Resident Evil games unfold.

Players tend to start in a relatively small area, with access to only a few rooms and corridors. As they avoid monsters, they might come across a lockpick that gives access to locked off rooms, which eventually leads to a special key that expands the area even more. It was one of the hallmarks of the series right up until Resident Evil fell into the action-horror shooter genre and this element took a back seat until its triumphant return in Resident Evil 7.

Confronted with a locked door in the castle of RE: Village, the players may find that the chamberlain has the key in his safe, but that the safe can only be opened by the combination that corresponds to the numbers on the spine of the library books he has in his bedroom down in the village, and that house can be opened by the key you found on his desk.

The more limited locations of the titular village and castle should provide plenty of chances for players to backtrack all over the place, exploring and slowly unlocking the world they're living in, as well as exposing themselves to monsters.


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