Skyrim Remastered: 10 Crucial Things Fans Need To See

It'll take more than just a facelift to revive Bethesda's epic.


Hey, you there, outlander. Come closer and I'll tell you a secret. Word round Tamriel is that the next big Bethesda RPG will be *drum roll* Skyrim. Yes, you heard me right. It seems that even Bethesda aren't above the irresistible trend this generation to give their classic games a modern makeover.

Some will be disappointed by this rumour, which stems from reliable industry insider Shinobi602. Obviously, an Elder Scrolls VI - or a Morrowind upgrade -would've been a more tantalising prospect. But with Fallout 4 still going strong ( and very recently proving that mods on consoles can work) Bethesda are in no hurry to reveal their next big thing, and there's still good reason to be excited about a return to the wintry heights of Skyrim if it's done right.

Back in 2011 when it first launched, Skyrim was an incredible game, particularly on PC where the modding community elevated it to heights greater than High Hrothgar itself. Modders have raised the bar for Skyrim, but now Bethesda needs to take those things onboard and raise it higher still - to the heavens, if you will. 

Here are 10 things that fans most want to see in the Skyrim Remaster, that would make a return to its icy climes worthwhile.

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