Spider-Man 2: 10 Villain Boss Fights We Need To See

Venom is a dead cert for Spider-Man 2, but other Marvel villains are sure to appear as well.

Spider-Man 2 Venom
Sony Interactive Entertainment / Marvel

Marvel's Spider-Man made a massive splash when it released in 2018, and a large reason why was because of Insomniac Games' exciting new interpretation of the Marvel Universe.

Divesting from more recent portrayals of the web-slinger, the studio elected to instead follow a more mature version of the character, focusing on Peter Parker as a young adult rather than as a high schooler, whilst on the way putting their own spin on iconic Spidey staples.

The first game retold the formation of the Sinister Six, while its PS5 spin-off, Miles Morales, opted for a new take on Roxxon and The Tinkerer. The post-credits scene for the former indicates that the studio aren't done redefining some of the wall-crawler's more famous villains either, with the game having ended on a tease showing Harry Osborn suspended by what looks to be the Venom symbiote, despite the character not really having a history with Venom in the comics.

What's really exciting about this, of course, is that there's still plenty of Spider-Man villains for Insomniac to adapt and put their own take on.

The friendly neighbourhood superhero has one of the best rogues galleries in all of comics, and there are some big hitters fans will want to see when the full sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man drops sometime this console generation, as well as a few lesser known villains that are long overdue a video game debut...

10. The Jackal

Spider-Man 2 Venom
Marvel Comics

It might be bad form to start off your "Villains Who Must Appear in Spider-Man 2" list with one synonymous with potentially the worst Spider-Man story-arc ever, but equally, is it not also true we all have a *bit* of a soft spot for the Clone Saga deep down... right?

Ok yes you can essentially boil that affection down to the most superficial "Scarlet Spider in that denim hoodie!" level, but at the same time, the Clone Saga occupies a weird space in Spidey's history. It's synonymous with crap the bed levels of bad storytelling, yet it also comprises a part of the character's peak popularity in the 1990s. (Plus, again, Ben Reilly is the best.)

Spider-Man PS4 Jackal
Sony Interactive Entertainment

With that in mind, it wouldn't be beyond Insomniac's talents to put their own spin on the Clone Saga, especially since they've already teased the principal antagonist of the clone affair, Miles Warren, aka the Jackal, in the first game.

As seen in one of the collectable backpacks, Warren is the professor who graded one of Pete's college papers. It would be pretty cool to have him appear in the full sequel, potentially as a scientist on Oscorp's payroll, and with a boss battle that pitted Peter and Miles against a number of Spider clones.

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