Spider-Man: Miles Morales - 10 Biggest Reveals And Screenshots From Game Informer

6. The Game's Unlockable Costumes

Spider-Man Miles Morales Venom Blast

Spider-Man's unlockable costumes were a huge part of the first game, and even led to a situation where fans demanded that the suit from Sam Raimi's movies be added (Insomniac eventually made that happen, but it was a decision mired in controversy due to the way some went about asking for them to be included).

It's already been confirmed that The Amazing Spider-Man suit from the 2012 movie will be present here, but what else can gamers expect?

Well, it's revealed that there will be the aforementioned "Beginner Suit" similar in style to Into the Spider-Verse, the "Gift Suit" which is Peter Parker's first costume he gives to Miles as a symbolic gesture, the "Iconic Suit" that adorns the game's cover, the "T.R.A.C.K. Suit" designed by Javier Garron, and the "2020 Suit" you see above.

This time, each of them will come with more specific abilities, like a visor which allows Miles to see different things like highlighted enemies or increase the gadget ammo he picks up. There's one more unlockable costume that plays into the wider narrative, though...


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