Super Mario Odyssey - 10 Secrets And Easter Eggs Fans Will Love

Wa-Hoo it'sa Eggs!

Super Mario Odyssey Easter Eggs

The Nintendo Switch launched earlier this year and is doing very well in terms of sales. Huge titles like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gave the console a super strong start.

Whilst there’s been a solid stream of quality titles releasing over the past few months, there’s not really been anything major since much closer to launch. That’s where Super Mario Odyssey comes in. In short, it’s a system seller. It’s an expertly crafted adventure that whilst not without its flaws will still provide more than a few hours of fun and keep the console relevant throughout the winter months.

Odyssey draws the majority of its inspiration from Super Mario 64, going with a less linear level structure and larger environments. Larger environments however, means plenty to discover and more importantly, plenty of secrets.

The expertly crafted Kingdoms are rich with secrets and Easter Eggs ranging from anything as small as a little picture on a wall up to substantial gameplay sequences. If you’re a fan of Mario in the slightest, there’s bound to be something that will make you smile.

10. Super Mario Maker References

Super Mario Odyssey Easter Eggs

Super Mario Maker didn’t reinvent the wheel by any means, but the ability to easily create your own custom Mario levels was something the fans had wanted for years. Many of the costumes in Odyssey reference different games and Mario Maker has its own set of threads.

Head over to the Crazy Cap in New Donk City and you’ll be able to purchase the red and yellow builders outfit that Mario was seen sporting in all of the promotional material for the game.

If that’s not enough for you, the Mario Maker sprites of Cat Peach and Cat Mario have been lifted out and placed around a number of different locations in the game. Hit one with Cappy and you’ll be rewarded with a number of coins and a heart for your troubles.


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