Super Nintendo World: 8 Bold Predictions For Universal's New Theme Park

7. You'll Be Able To Punch Question Mark Blocks

super nintendo world

If you take a close look at the Super Nintendo World concept art, you'll notice there's no shortage of question mark blocks. And why would there be?

After all, the glowing cuboids are an iconic staple in the Mario series, home to everything from coins to stars to mushrooms. Making them a regular, scenic feature of Nintendo World would make a lot of sense.

Especially given how much effort Universal has been putting in recently when it comes to creating immersion through casual special effects. In the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion in Orlando, Florida, there are areas of the park dedicated to allowing guests to levitate objects and cast magic using wands, so there's every reason to believe a similar amount of effort will go in here.

Expect question blocks lining walls and structures, some with items like coins and mushrooms sitting on top of them as though they've just been struct. But there'll also be a bunch of interactive ones too, allowing guests to tap them from below, revealing whatever's inside.

A moment like that would no doubt make for a terrific picture opportunity (something theme parks desperately strive for, and something played up near the interactive parts of the Harry Potter park).


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