The Elder Scrolls VI Wishlist: 10 Essential Things Fans Demand

8. A Fully-Revamped Game Engine On The Level Of Fallout 4

Right from the get-go, Fallout 4's unveiling at E3 was met with the warmest of receptions, simply for being one hell of a graphical showcase. In contrast to the Scrolls series, Bethesda's first take at the wasteland in 2008 was one fraught with browns, dark greens and a generally bleak colour palette - however with 4 we're seeing every aspect of the world spruced up with all sorts of visual flair and memorable environmental design. Lighting models and animation are also getting one hell of a step up, as although Skyrim's overall presentation had a very 'gamey' feel (which is to say you didn't expect Assassin's Creed-style motion-captured moves for every last interaction), Fallout 4 looks to have perfected the balance between hand-animation and a weightier, more purposeful sense of movement. What that means for TES VI is hopefully more robust traversal animations considering the sheer amount of vertical climbing and ascension you'll be doing, resulting in a general sensation that you're interacting with the world directly, as oppose to coming across (especially in the third-person) like you're the axis it spins around.
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