10 Best Fallout 3 Mods That Give It Endless Replayability

5. Flora Overhaul

Fallout 3 Mod Flora OverhaulBethesdaDownload Legendary modder Vurt is well known for his meticulous flora overhauls, all of which breath new life into a game, sometimes literally. The Fallout 3 iteration of his work is no exception to this. This mod, simply titled Flora Overhaul, does pretty much what you'd expect: it overhauls the flora of the Capital Wasteland. To say that it merely re-textures the game world would be understatement, though that is exactly what it does. Vurt's Flora Overhaul for Fallout 3 doesn't just change the colour of the wasteland's dead plant-life - it completely overhauls the game's atmosphere and visual tone. Don't worry if you're not a fan of green, this mod comes in four flavours: Forested Edition, Dead Edition, Total Devastation Edition, and Lite. The first is the most drastic change, turning the Capital into a beautiful green paradise, albeit still a horrifying anarchistic one. It's certainly not lore-friendly, but if you really liked the visual design of The Last of Us, you'll love this. Dead Edition is much closer to the base game, with slightly more pronounced vegetation, though still withered and dying. Instead of bare trees and desert sands, you'll get brown trees and tall dead grass. The Total Devastation version offers bleaker wasteland with no leaves of which to speak. Lite is a minimilstic approach to the overhaul, sticking as close to the vanilla experience as possible whilst still replacing a couple of the default trees and groundcovers. Just when you thought the wasteland couldn't get any more beautiful and/or bleak, Vurt's Flora Overhaul promises to give your game a whole new look that will keep you going for several more playthroughs.
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