WWE 2K22: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

8. Reworked Commentary

WWE 2K22

Most of the commentary audio for 2K22 has probably been recorded by now. After all, the dev team do get decent access to WWE's roster, and that includes the announce teams. The smart money is on Michael Cole and Corey Graves doing the bulk of the narration this time.

They were SmackDown's go-to duo for a while, to be fair.

Fans online predict that there won't be any room for now-exiled Raw lead Tom Phillips or flagship newcomer Adnan Virk. Byron Saxton is also predicted to get the old heave-ho from this digital announce booth in favour of simplicity. Being honest, 2K's series badly needs to focus on doing one or two commentators well, rather than stretching itself thin, anyway.

Gilmore did tease during his AMA that comms would be a priority. 2K are well-aware that the current model is unsustainable and more of a hindrance to the experience than a help. Getting Cole and Graves to call wrestlers the correct name would be a start.

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