WWE 2K22: 10 Small Details That Make It Brilliant

9. The Breakouts Are Way Smoother

WWE 2K22 Chris Jericho Triple H
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The concept of breakouts is nothing new to WWE video games, yet WWE 2K22 has finally nailed these attacks in a way that feels natural, smooth and fun.

Previously, a pre-match or post-match breakout has tended to feel jittery and disconnected on prior releases. When you've pressed to lay a beating on your opponent before a bout has started, there's been an uncomfortable pause that takes you out of the moment. Even once that beating gets going, poor sprite movement has made the whole assault feel laggy and disjointed.

Here in WWE 2K22, there are no such issues. Should you decide to play up your villainous side, any pre-match attack feels sleek and almost effortless. The fluidity of WWE 2K22, period, is fantastic, and that is something that is absolutely there for all to see during any beatdown moments.

This is a sentiment that is applicable for any post-match beatdowns too, with the action likewise flowing organically as your wrestler changes from celebrating a win to suddenly cutting those celebrations short in order to put a further whooping on a rival.

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