WWE 2K22: 10 Small Details That Make It Brilliant

8. Actual Choices In MyRise

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While so much of the hype surrounding WWE 2K22 was based around MyGM, it's likely fair to say that MyRISE is the game mode that steals the show.

MyGM is absolutely fun to sink your teeth into, and the Rey Mysterio Showcase is fantastic, but MyRISE harkens back to the sort of storyline modes offered up in games of yesteryear like the SmackDown vs. Raw series and SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain.

For the first time in years, you actually feel you have a genuine control and choice in MyRISE. Recent similar features on games have teased you with the potential of truly choosing your own fate, yet ultimately these modes have been a pretty linear narrative path that you have to follow.

That's different in WWE 2K22, with MyRISE having a decision system in place that can easily change the direction of your character, of the friends and enemies you make, of what sort of fighting or entertainment background you have, of the brand you end up on, on which championships you pursue, and even which countries you compete in.

By all accounts, MyRISE offers up 50 hours of gameplay and reportedly over 1,000 match possibilities - and all of that is shaped by each and every decision your male or female wrestler makes.


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