WWE 2K22: 10 Things 2K Must Get Right

Could easily be titled '2K Games must get EVERYTHING right in WWE 2K22'.

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Dramatic drum roll, please. Build that anticipation, because this is worth saying, and it's worth saying clearly. Are you ready, dear reader? Want to know what the single most important thing 2K must get right come WWE 2K22's release during Q1 next year is?


Yes, it's true. 2K20 was such a shambling mess of a game that its follow up has some serious making up to do. Recently, 2K leaked a video that showed all the changes they're making to the long-running series (one that took a much-needed year off). It's worth checking out this list for a rundown of all the confirmed info.

There's more that the developers have to do though. Way more! 2K are sitting on the precipice of disaster here, and they might not have that money-spinning WWE license too much longer if they don't pull a finger out and make sure 2K22 is a celebrated success both critically and financially.

Restoring faith in a wounded series is half the battle - critics are already waiting to crucify this game, put it that way. Here's how 2K can stop that from happening.

10. Customer Relations 

Edge WWE 2K22

Any semblance of a positive relationship between developer and customer has been shot to bits by 2K20's miserable failure. 2K need to make sure there's a considered, concerted effort to restore faith in WWE video games again - the entire brand was damaged by 2019's quite incredible disaster.

There's a reason why people love the classics; games like Here Comes The Pain, No Mercy and the like were love letters to wrestling-daft gamers everywhere, and it was clear that the folks making them actually cared. Sadly, nowadays, the experience of buying a WWE game feels a bit soulless.

Change that, 2K. For the love of God, change that.

Give players a reason to proudly wave copies of 2K22 into the faces of non-believers and sceptics. Rebuild that once-proud adulation for these games, and make 2K20 a mere blip in pro wrestling video game history. Last time must be a one off - the WCW Backstage Assault of its generation.

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