WWE 2K23: 10 Most Anticipated Changes Fans Need To See

9. Less Intrusive ‘BUY THIS’ Prompts

WWE 2K23
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MyFaction, bless it, was also a pain in the t*ts.

Boot up 2K22 today and you'll surely be bombarded with main menu popups encouraging you to check out the mode and spend cold, hard cash. Y'know, after already plonking down your pounds/dollars for 2K's latest in the first place. How annoying can micro-transactions be?!

As it turns out, very annoying. Nobody really knew what MyFaction was going to be pre-launch (2K's own pitch notes were perhaps deliberately vague), but it's pretty much FIFA/Madden's Ultimate Team just with wrestlers. Think WWE Supercard, then imagine trying to play a video game whilst those cards are repeatedly thrust into your face.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is modern gaming 101, but 2K don't need to throw popups at players every time they start the game. That's irritating, and it needs to stop come the next entry. Hide MyFaction away so those who do enjoy gambling with Raw and SmackDown stars can do it without bothering everyone else.

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