WWE 2K23: 10 Reasons To Be REALLY Excited

9. It’ll Have Competition (Soon)

WWE 2K23

Competition is good.

For proof, check out how WWE's product dwindled significantly when WCW vanished in 2001. Or, for a more recent example, how shows chugged along pre-AEW. Is everything perfect now? Nah, of course not, but the threat of competition does push creators to create better.

AEW's upcoming Fight Forever game will be the first major promotion title (sorry, Fire Pro) to push WWE's series in this way since TNA iMPACT tried it many moons ago. Before that, the then-WWF's games jousted with WCW ones to grab gamer dollars, and hopes are high that this WWE vs. AEW battle will fan the same flames of healthy competition.

2K will have had one eye on what THQ Nordic/Yuke's have been doing with the AEW license, and they certainly won't want to be outdone. Similarly, All Elite's side will want to offer something different to the 2K experience - this means you, the consumers, are the winners here.

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WWE 2K23
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