WWE 2K24: 10 Best Looking Characters

The cream of the crop from WWE 2K24's stunning collection of character models.

WWE 2K24 Umaga

Arriving on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC, WWE 2K24 is finally here after months of anticipation, hype, and countless questions on how this latest release could possibly top the fantastic WWE 2K23.

Having been lucky enough to have had our hands on WWE 2K24 for a little while now, that's given enough time to play through the various game modes, test out new features, and, for the purpose of this article, see which character models look the very best.

In all honesty, the bulk of wrestlers in WWE 2K24 look absolutely magnificent, with only a few genuine stinkers in the mix, and that makes it extremely tough to narrow this list down to simply a top ten. Still, after much deliberation and many, many screengrabs, the following ten wrestlers (and one brief honorable mention) are the cream of the crop when it comes to nailing their real-life likeness in WWE 2K24.

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11. Honorable Mention: Diesel (WrestleMania X)

WWE 2K24 Umaga
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A quick honorary mention before we get into the proper Top 10, and it's for the WrestleMania X version of Diesel being included.

The model itself looks great in-game and in cinematics, and this particular Big Sexy is unlockable by completing the 'Mania X ladder match in Showcase Mode. Likewise, this bout also unlocks Diesel's Two Dudes with Attitudes partner, Shawn Michaels.

While the detail on this '94 Michaels' attire is absolutely jaw-dropping, his face unfortunately isn't quite so great. Clearly, a more recent, thinner HBK face scan has been used for this 1994 model, which means the head just looks a little off.

Either way, it's a big thumbs up for having the Big Daddy Cool of this period in the game.

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