WWE 2K24 Early Reviews: 10 Major Details We Learned

Everything you need to know about WWE 2K24's Showcase, gameplay and more.

WWE 2K24
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There's a bit of swagger about 2K's WWE series again, and it's great to see.

2K22 was a breath of fresh air when it launched, then last year's 2K23 refined the system by boasting a lineup of tasty improvements. Early reviews are flooding in from folks lucky enough to play an early build of the brand spanking new 2K24, but...what are they saying? Is this a sweeping upgrade or more of the same?

Truthfully, it's a bit of both. 2K has worked hard to make gameplay even better this time, and some new ("new" if you're a veteran of wrestling games) match types should keep everyone busy for a while. That's especially true if you're the kind of gamer who grabs a friend to indulge in some multiplayer chaos - exploring all the wild nonsense you can get up to in-game with mates is a humble joy.

Early reviews have leaked details on everything from the Showcase Mode's length, just how good reworked Backstage Brawls are, why gameplay tweaks are more impressive than they may appear on the surface and much, much more.

WWE 2K24 launches next month, but what are people saying now?!

10. Super Finishers Are Awesome

WWE 2K24
2K Games

Rewarding patience isn't something wrestling games typically do well.

Playing defensively is a real risk when everything's geared towards attacking, but 2K is ready to change that at least a little. In 2K24, you can bring the pain with Super Finishers after storing at least three finisher icons. Think of these like levelled up versions of Stunners and Riptides.

They've been real popular across the board with those getting hands-on with the game. Preview build footage does show some wrestlers starting to get back up quickly though, so that's something the developers will surely fix pre-release. Otherwise, what's the point in calling them "Super Finishers"?

There's another delicious tweak to main moves too. Now, each wrestler can have up to five signature moves and finishers. This eases concerns amongst some that players might struggle to get into the correct contextual position to pull moves off.

Again, the early reviewers have been loving all of this.

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