Xbox One: 10 Best Tips & Tricks You Must Try

9. The Genius Of "Co-Pilot"

Xbox one

Microsoft have been doing a great job with its push to make gaming more accessible, and copilot is a little-known inclusion to this effort.

Copilot converts two controller inputs into a single controller, letting two people play at the the same time. It’s a great way to offer assistance to any gamer that needs it, and can also be used by adults to help children progress without taking over the game completely.

To activate copilot, make sure you have two controllers connected to your Xbox One and then press the Xbox Home button and go to Profile & System>Settings>Ease of Access>Controller>Copilot, then turn copilot on. Both players will now have simultaneous control.

When you’re done with copilot, simply hold the Xbox Home button down for a few seconds, and the menu for turning off your controller and console will appear. There will now be an option to turn off copilot.

A simple inclusion that can make your time with the Xbox One even better.

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