10 World Cup 2018 Stars Who Could Be Transferred

Their performances in Russia caught the eyes of a few big clubs.

The World Cup may be over but the fun is set to continue for football fans all over the world. Now that we've seen a whole bunch of players shine on the biggest stage of all, the next step is to see which clubs they might be playing for when the domestic season gets underway in just a few short weeks.

With the big event finally finished, the transfer market is about to start heating up. A lot of money has already exchanged hands between plenty of clubs all around the world, but a lot of players tend to wait for the World Cup to finish before figuring out their futures. Meanwhile, plenty of clubs also use the big tournament as an easy way to scout out some potential reinforcements to their ranks.

Buying players based on their World Cup performances isn't always the smartest move, but it has worked out very well on several notable occasions. Either way, the prices of these star players just got a huge boost, with plenty of top teams around Europe and the rest of the world all keen on signing them up.


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