10 Awesome Wrestling Moves That Nobody Ever Talks About

9. The Beverly Brothers' Shaker Heights Spike

Shaker Heights Spike
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The Beverly Brothers were a weird and totally awesome tag team.

The rich brat gimmick thrust upon them by the WWF undermined their appeal as bruising killers - the Minnesota Wrecking Crew was a far more apt name - but it was no tragedy. The real tragedy would have deprived us of their excellent jam of an theme tune, which also doesn't get talked about enough, incidentally: it's a luxurious strut through early '90s avarice, but again, it was not at all congruous to the act.

How could Vince McMahon have witnessed their finish, and thought A) this is the gimmick they need to get over, pal and B) yes, this is an excellent idea that won't result in death and my being complicit in it?

"A lot of the jobbers, enhancement talent - the guys who make you look good, as I prefer to call them, because the others are slurs - they were afraid to take the move, and they took it anyway, and they hurt a few people," Lanny Poffo said on his podcast last year.

No sh*t.

Those jobbers were thrown into the rafters with a back body drop set-up and then spiked directly onto their f*cking heads as Beau smirked, as if prepping a backstage rib and not having just broken some poor prick's neck.

The move probably isn't talked about because it should never be seen again, but nobody actually died, so it's a sadistic thrill to watch safe in that knowledge.

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