10 Things Only 90s Wrestling Fans Will Understand

Back when the 'WWE Network' was nothing more than a sh*t load of VHS tapes...

Steve Austin Vince McMahon Hulk Hogan

Once kids of the '90s had raced home from school to watch shows on Nickelodeon, played a little bit of Mega Drive/Genesis/SNES/PlayStation and chatted to pals on the phone about other decade delights like Pogs, they watched some pro wrestling. The WWF, WCW and ECW were all available to varying degrees, and so were far-flung classics (recommended via magazines and newsletters) from Japan if one looked hard enough.

Generally, the same rules applied for adults too, because what good was being part of Generation X if you weren't going to watch D-Generation X? From 1990-1999, the wrasslin' biz went from sweet family fun to raucous envelope pushing full of beer, boobs and blood, and it was damn exciting to be part of.

Then, everything changed.

The internet boom gave birth to more interaction than ever before, and, eventually, brand new ways to consume entertainment. Suddenly, online streaming and an emerging youth savvy with all-things-tech left some feeling like dinosaurs in their own wrestle-obsessed community.

If you can relate to that, then this article is for you. Prepare to step back in time...


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