10 Things You Need To Know About NXT's Aleister Black

1. Unwanted Attention

Given Black’s affinity for all things dark and edgy, it’s only natural that he has attracted a great deal of controversy throughout his career. While most wrestling fans buy into his act, it’s easy to understand why somebody outside the business might get the wrong message from a gruff, tattooed kickboxer reciting Satanic verbiage, and Black has been targeted by a number of different pressure groups over the years.

He and partner Michael Dante once staged a promo where they cut an actor’s throat, then let the blood spill around a cluster of Illuminati imagery. This invoked the wrath of a religious group who bombarded Black’s email with biblical passages warning him of the dangerous of demonic exorcism, but that’s not the only example.

A few years ago, Black and Dante drew the attention of a women’s rights group following a particularly controversial segment in Scotland’s ICW. The angle saw Black & Dante attack ICW personality Veronica Le Strange then drag her around by her hair, and the duo were immediately accused of degradation and abuse. Fortunately, the segment was all part of the show and nobody was actually harmed, but it’s safe to say Black won’t be getting up to anything similar on WWE’s PG programming.

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