Alexa Bliss Had "Creative Control" Over THIS WWE Booking

Vince McMahon and WWE trusted Alexa Bliss to make the most of a recent idea.

WWE Raw Alexa Bliss Therapy

Alexa Bliss says she "had a good amount of creative control" over those therapy session segments WWE produced for her comeback earlier this year.

The skits, which saw Bliss sitting down with a therapist to discuss everything from her dark, twisted character to Lilly the doll, were ones Alexa enjoyed immensely. She told Ryan Satin's 'Out Of Character' show that Vince McMahon "was super-awesome" throughout the whole process.

In fact, Bliss has it on good authority that McMahon was very hands-on when it came to sitting down "for a few hours", taking "the vision" of those therapy sessions and making them "come to life". That's something Alexa was thankful for, but she generally had a great time brushing up on her acting chops every week.


WWE didn't get too p*ssy if Bliss changed something here or there either - Vince trusted her to make the right decisions and bring the best out in each scene. That's something the wrestler believes she managed to do, and she'd love to do more segments like those in the future.

Having a fair amount of creative freedom must've helped.

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