Are WWE Hiding The Severity Of Daniel Bryan's Latest Injury?

The former WWE Champion may be in more trouble than WWE are letting on.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan hasn't been seen since WrestleMania 35, where he dropped the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston in one of the most cathartic moments in recent 'Show Of Shows' history, capping the New Day man's 11-year rise in epic fashion.

Absent from the post-'Mania shows and the Superstar Shake-Up, Bryan was reportedly injured while wrestling Kingston. This led to immediate alarm bells, given 'The Planet's Champion's' history, and now, it sounds like WWE are hiding the true extent of his latest issue.

This is according to Mike Johnson of PW Insider, who claimed on a recent episode of his Elite Audio show that there is more to Bryan's injury than the company are letting on, and that they are keeping its severity a "closely-guarded secret."

A troubling development. While it'd be irresponsible to speculate on the injury's extent, these words (combined with Bryan's history) will lead many fans to assume the worst. For now, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and hope that Daniel isn't sidelined for long, and that he can mount a quick return to the ring. This dying planet needs him, after all.

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