Chris Jericho Hypes The Good Brother's Talk N' Shop A Mania

Le Champion hypes/trashes Gallows & Anderson's upcoming show.


Former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho has taken to Twitter to promote Doc Gallows and 'Machine Gun' Karl Anderson's Talk N' Shop A Mania 'Worst PPV Ever'.

Although the pair famously turned down All Elite Wrestling to remain with WWE in 2019, Jericho clearly still respects the duo and went out of his way to hype up their show which will take place tonight on Fite TV.

Yet, in typical 'Le Champion' fashion, Jericho promoted the event by blasting it and claiming that 'if you want to see something that is guaranteed to be the worst thing of all-time, then check out Talk ‘N Shop A Mania on August 1st'.


Jericho also acknowledged The Good Brothers' decision to stay with WWE in 2019:

'It’s something so bad that you’re gonna wanna see. You’re not gonna wanna turn away. Like a bad car accident, or a bad decision. Like the one Gallows and Anderson made in January of 2019.'

Anderson and Gallows have both since replied to Jericho's backhanded endorsement on Twitter, with Anderson calling him 'one of the Greatest Brothers Alive' and Gallows tweeting 'Holy #brotherrating10 @IAmJericho says order this SH*TSHOW!'


Talk N' Shop A Mania will see former WWE stars such as Heath, Brian Myers, Chavo Guerrero, Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis-Bennett and many more make appearances, with Sex Ferguson (Gallows) and Chad 2 Badd (Anderson) colliding in the Boneryard match main event.

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