Former WWE Star ROASTS Hall Of Fame - Says It's "All In Vince McMahon's Mind"

This unlikely inductee isn't too fond of WWE's Hall Of Fame processes anyway.

barry horowitz

Former WWE enhancement talent Barry Horowitz has told Wrestling Inc that the promotion's Hall Of Fame is "all in Vince [McMahon's] mind".

Horowitz admitted that it's "nice to be there" for those who have been inducted, but added that he's not so sure it's the most credible Hall - Baz went on to say that having guys like Kid Rock and Bob Uecker in there ruins it.

He'd rather WWE's HOF was strictly for pro wrestlers who actually worked matches.


Barry also thinks WWE should think about inducting at least one enhancement wrestler every year, because there are so many guys and girls who are overlooked. His other idea, to have a full-on 'Enhancement Hall Of Fame', is less likely though.

Horowitz briefly shone during a run opposite The Bodydonnas in 1995, but he was largely used as a jobber on TV and house shows. Despite that, he's sure that wrestling fans would much rather see actual wrestlers get inducted than celebrities.


Later during the same interview, Barry pondered if he'd been "too good", and "worked too hard" to get such meagre amounts of success in the company.

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