THIS Is The Most Decorated Champion In WWE History After Survivor Series 2020

An unlikely WWE wrestler entered the record books are Survivor Series 2020...

R-Truth silhouette

The events of WWE Survivor Series 2020 mean that in strictly numerical terms, R-Truth is now the most decorated champion in company history.

Regaining the WWE 24/7 Championship from Akira Tozawa made Truth the first man to ever score 50 separate title reigns in the promotion. Truth carried the belt into the event, but lost it to the returning Gobbledy Gooker (played by Drew Gulak) on the Kickoff Show. Tozawa ambushed the Gobbler with a referee later on, taking the strap before Truth struck once more, walking out of the building with the green and gold on his shoulder.

That win made Truth a 45-time 24/7 Champion. On top of this, he has one Tag Team Title reign and two runs each with the Hardcore and United States Championships, making for a total of 50.


Truth now has even more title reigns than Raven, who has 48 to his name across WWE, WCW, and ECW, including 39 Hardcore Championship runs.

Of course, Raven's 48 and Truth's 50 are both greatly inflated by the nature of the 24/7 and Hardcore belts, the rules of which facilitate blink-and-you'll-miss-it runs. Regardless, Truth's name is now in the history books.

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