Why AEW Boss Tony Khan Is Having His "Best Week Ever"

TNT Tony is on top of the world...


AEW boss Tony Khan told fans on Twitter that he's having the "best week" of his entire life.

Khan pointed out that Dynamite was in the top five ratings category for the 18-49 demographic, and that the show pulled AEW's biggest overall audience since before the ongoing global pandemic hit. Dynamite's ratings success wasn't the only thing Tony had to smile about this week.

His father's football team Fulham were also promoted to the Premier League after beating Brentford in the Championship Playoff Final at Wembley Stadium on Tuesday night. It's claimed the new Prem outfit will pocket £160m in revenue for winning the "richest game" going.


All of this has Khan grinning from ear-to-ear.

Now, if only the Jacksonville Jaguars could flip their 6-10 record for the 2019 NFL season and reach the playoffs themselves in 2020. That might be too much for Tony to take!


Dynamite scored an average of 901,000 viewers this week compared to NXT's 753,000. If this sort of thing continues, then wrestling fans can look forward to seeing more happy tweets from the AEW figurehead.

TNT Tony is over the moon right now.

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