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10 Most WTF TV Moments Of 2015

The moments that made us pause (then quickly rewind) in shock and horror.
By Brian Wilson
Elizabeth Short Death American Horror Story

American Horror Story: 12 Most Dramatic Deaths

So. Much. Drama.
By Sara Weir
Dandy Blood Bath American Horror Story

10 Craziest Moments From American Horror Story: Freak Show

What did Meep ever do to anyone?!
By Sara Weir
American Horror Story Coven Threesome

American Horror Story: Coven - 12 Most WTF Moments

That attic...
By Sara Weir
American Horror Story Asylum Cast

13 WTF Moments From American Horror Story: Asylum

Bloody Face is a whole pile of nope.
By Sara Weir
Lady Gaga Countess

10 Best Actors On American Horror Story

Gore, sex and disturbing scenes, and these actors make it look good.
By M.L. Gabriel
Tate Shootings American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Murder House - 12 Most Shocking Moments

Frankenstein babies, the anti-christ, and brains for dinner makes for one memorable season of…
By Sara Weir
American Horror Story Hotel Addiction Demon

American Horror Story: 15 Times It Went Too Far

Seriously, WTF?
By Sara Weir
American Horror Story Freakshow Monkey

American Horror Story: 10 Interesting Theme Ideas For Future Seasons

The apocalypse? Prison? Aliens??
By M.L. Gabriel
Lady Gaga American Horror Story

10 Real-Life Inspirations Behind American Horror Story

After reading this, you might just accept that drink offer from Mr March.
By M.L. Gabriel
Evan Peters American Horror Story

10 Things You Didn't Know About Evan Peters

Sup BooBooDaddy? (That's his rap name).
By Sara Weir
American Horror Story: Freak Show Blu-ray

Win American Horror Story: Freak Show On Blu-ray

Your chance to win the complete fourth season on Blu-ray
By Laura Holmes
American Horror Story Aliens 2

American Horror Story: 10 Craziest Fan Theories

Crazier than Bloody Face, Dandy and Twisty combined!
By David Opie
American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel - Every Promo Trailer (And What They Tell Us)

Let your freak flag fly...
By M.L. Gabriel
American Horror Story Easter Eggs.

20 Easter Eggs You Didn't Notice In American Horror Story

Did you know this man killed the 1986 Boston Red Sox?
By Tom Baker
Lady Gaga A Dame To Kill For

10 Stars Definitely Appearing In American Horror Story: Hotel

Who's checked into the hotel already?
By M.L. Gabriel
American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel - 10 Exciting Things Fans Already Know

Is Lady Gaga a gamble too far?
By M.L. Gabriel
FILE--In this Oct. 5, 2014 file photo, Ben Woolf arrives at the premiere screening of

American Horror Story Actor Ben Woolf Dies After Head Injury

RIP Meep...
By M.L. Gabriel
American Horror Story Mutation

American Horror Story: 10 Scariest Moments

Asylums and slaughter and killer clowns, oh my...
By Chris Haigh
American Horror Story

20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About American Horror Story

All of the murders were real...
By Sean Lunt
Julia Pastrana

10 Freaks That Inspired The New American Horror Story

We're all freaks...
By Susan S
American Horror Story Asylum

American Horror Story: 10 Things Freak Show Must Do Better Than Its Predecessors

Or how to send Jessica Lange out on a high...
By Brian Chapman
American Horror Story Freakshow Logo

American Horror Story Freak Show: 5 Things We Know

Welcome to the freak show...
By Brian Chapman

10 Unforgivable Mistakes That Ruined Great 2013 TV Shows

Bad endings, losses of identity, silly writing... And that's just Dexter.
By Joseph Palame
Alex Vause

10 TV Characters We Have A Massive Crush On (But Really Shouldn't)

Those forbidden fruits of the small screen that you can't help but lust over.
By Hannah Spencer
American Horror Story Coven Tv Show

10 Things Wrong With American Horror Story: Coven

Examining the issues that filter throughout the season and in their wake have made ten glaring…
By Thomas Stewart
American Horror Story Pepper

American Horror Story: 10 Ways The Different Seasons Can Be Connected

Too much crazy for just one season.
By Susan S

American Horror Story: 6 Iconic Horror Actors Who Should Star

By Dean Beirne

American Horror Story: 6 Most Controversial Moments Of Season 3

Think the show couldn't get darker than Nazis and Bloodyface? Think again.
By Stephen Kennedy
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7 More TV Shows That Are Basically Just Porn

By Charmaine Williams