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10 Epic Wrestling Matches That Would Be Better If They Happened Now

This calls for a rematch!
By Scott Fried

The (Alternative) WWE Half-Year Awards

Featuring the only award Big Cass is going to win this year.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Things In WWE You Wouldn't Have Believed A Year Ago

Time makes fools of us all.
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10 Most Shocking Things WWE Have Done In 2018 (So Far)

Hold on, they did what?!
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10 Wrestlers You Can Tell HATED Working For WWE

Your Reigning, Defending, BORING Universal Champion.
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Brock Lesnar's Next WWE Opponent Confirmed?

Paul Heyman drops a HUGE hint on social media.
By Andrew Murray

Iconic CM Punk WWE Title Record Broken By Brock Lesnar

'The Beast' conquers yet another streak
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Universal Champion AWOL For 3 Months?

Lesnar haters, sharpen your claws...
By Andrew Murray

7 Reasons Brock Lesnar Shouldn't Break CM Punk's Modern WWE World Championship Record

Lesnar's reign isn't worthy of such an accolade, to say the least.
By John Bills

The Real Reason Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar Will Never Happen

The fantasy match may stay just that, a fantasy.
By Adam Wilbourn