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14 Video Game Franchises That Will Never Die

Immortality, thy name is Pokémon.
By Richard John Dorricott
CoD Ghosts Space

Next Call Of Duty To Be Set In Space

Houston do we have a problem?
By Kristopher Cook
Call of Duty black ops 3 WTF

10 Honest Reasons Call Of Duty Is Dying

Remember when Activision knew what the hell they were doing?
By Andrew Wilmot

11 Improvements We Must See For Call Of Duty 2016

Infinity Ward's apology for Ghosts better be good...
By Jack Pooley

10 Ways To Make Sure The Call Of Duty Movie Doesn't Suck

Just please don't look to the Resident Evil movies for advice.
By Padraig Cotter

Agents Of CoD? Activision Planning Call Of Duty Cinematic Universe

Somewhere Michael Bay awaits a phone call...
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 7 Reasons It's The Best One Yet (And 4 It's Not)

Jeff Goldblum, uh, finds a way...
By Jack Pooley

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 10 Past Game-Breaking Issues That Must Be Fixed

Here's a thought: Don't make the best guns DLC-only.
By Drew King

EGX 2015: 8 Unexpectedly Good Video Games That Blew Us Away

Picking out the gems from the UK's biggest gaming convention.
By Adam Smith

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare: 12 Best Ever Load Outs

Lock and load.
By Drew King

16 Call Of Duty Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

From hidden games consoles to secret dance parties and more!
By Scott Tailford

10 Reasons The Video Game Industry Is Heading For Another Crash

When was the last time you were satisfied with a game on launch day?
By Dan Goad

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 10 Reasons The Series Should Return To World War 2

Futuristic shooters are so 2014.
By Josh Brown
Call Of Duty Soap Death

10 Video Games That Are Definitely Art

No room for Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, sadly.
By Tom Baker

13 Hugely Under-Rated 2014 Video Games

The games from last year that deserve much more praise...
By Jack Pooley

11 Problems Only Call Of Duty Players Will Understand

From noob-tubers to campers. An insight in to the everyday problems of a COD addict.
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13 Ways To Improve Call Of Duty 2015

How are they going to top those EXO suits?
By Jack Pooley

Call Of Duty: 10 Crazy Secrets (That You Totally Have To Check Out!)

Awesome easter eggs and secrets from one of gaming's biggest series.
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Call Of Duty: Ranking Every Game From Worst To Best

As Advanced Warfare's release nears, let's examine the highs and lows of what came before.
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10 Annoying Narrative Video Game Clichés That Need To Die

We're still saving princesses, after all these years? Really?!
By Henry Dowling
Call Of Duty

10 Awesome Gaming Franchises It Became Cool To Hate

Come on, give them a break.
By Brandon Jacobs

Call Of Duty: 10 Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

From industry controversies to in-game easter eggs, the series has never been a boring one to…
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

20 Most Competitive Video Games Of All Time

Friendships forged and destroyed in a blur of swearing and clenched fists... all in a good…
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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Kevin Spacey Point

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Stunning Trailer Revealed

It was going to take something special to make the tired military shooter feel fresh again,…
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Wolf Among Us Snow White

10 Loveable Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Video Games

Ever have the feeling the person you're hanging out with is cooler than you? So did the guys…
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10 Reasons Titanfall Is A Call Of Duty Killer

Think it's just COD with mechs? It's so much more than that.
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Dead Island

10 Disappointing Games That Tricked Us With Brilliant Trailers

Lies, misdirection and slow motion zombie children.
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No Russian

Call Of Duty: 15 Iconic Moments That Confirm Its Genius

Sure, some folks may hate it. But still, Call Of Duty does occasionally pull an awesome rabbit…
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Saints Row Iv

10 Largest Grossing Video Games That Are Just Soulless Cash-Cows

The video game industry isn't 100% gamer-oriented anymore. This multi-billion dollar industry…
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10 Annoying Call Of Duty Players We All Hate

These kids have enough free time to probably be better than you at the game. But that's not…
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