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music Yui Mok/PA Wire

Kanye Set To Unveil Waves At Madison Square Gardens

The album will be released alongside Yeezy 3.

4 Feb 2016 Daniel Youde

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9 Most Annoying Voices In Music History

Yeezus Christ, that's awful.

3 Feb 2016 Jacob Trowbridge

music Mercury

7 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories About David Bowie

Strange musings on the legendary musical enigma.

26 Jan 2016 Brian Wilson

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10 Most WTF Moments In Music 2015

Yes we can. But let's not.

28 Dec 2015 Brian Wilson

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Kanye West's 10 Most "Kanye" On-Camera Moments

The Good, The Bad, and The Yeezy.

14 Oct 2015 Zach Blumenfeld

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7 "Rockstars" That Kanye West Is A Bigger Rockstar Than

Seven rock stars that Kanye West is a bigger rock star than.

24 Jul 2015 Hannah D'Arcy

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30 Grime Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

I want everybody to follow this sound.

23 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh

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WhatCulture.com Needs Music Writers – Join Our Team

Want to get paid for writing about music? Click here.

20 Jul 2015 WhatCulture

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Kanye West: All 6 Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

Is Kanye West the world's greatest living rock star?

15 Jul 2015 Michael Waugh


Glastonbury 2015: 10 Most Shocking Moments

The most memorable moments of the summer's biggest festival, brought to you by Kanye and co.

29 Jun 2015 Jack G King

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10 Problems Only Kayne West Fans Will Understand

Of course it's necessary to purchase a copy of The Book Of Yeezus.

13 Apr 2015 Rachel Bailey

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kanye West

It can't be easy being Yeezy.

13 Feb 2015 Adam Clery

offbeat Kimye Title

11 Very Irritating Habits Only New Couples Have

Are you guys in a relationship? Because you never mentioned it...

5 Dec 2014 Cheish Merryweather

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20 Kanye West Songs You've Never Heard

Allow himself to introduce... himself.

20 Sep 2014 Jesse Gumbarge

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5 Current Rappers To Watch (And 5 To Forget)

Where do you fall on ranking the always-controversial outspoken Yeezus himself?

2 Jun 2014 Henry Dowling

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10 Mainstream Acts That The 'Real Music Fans' Need To Check Out

Many of us turn off anyone with mainstream success as machine-created pop-dross, yet there are a wealth of artists worth your time.

13 Mar 2014 Leo Troy

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14 Increasingly Stupid Things Kanye West Has Said

Incase you were unaware of the endless drivel spouted by one of the most famous people on Earth...look no further.

27 Feb 2014 Sam Heard

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8 Most Mind-Blowingly Innovative Ways Artists Released Albums

Piracy is killing music, so it's only natural that artists get creative.

10 Feb 2014 Mark White

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7 Insane Fan Dedication Stories You Won't Believe

Because you aren't a real star until a fan writes you a letter in their menstrual blood, apparently.

9 Feb 2014 Catherine Northington

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15 Most Nailed-On Twitter Burns Of Kanye West

He's Bound 2 be upset.

30 Jan 2014 Michael Thompson