10 UFC Fights For Brock Lesnar That We Wish Had Happened

Now that he has called it a career, we can only wonder - what if?

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10 Shocking Newcastle United Departures That No One Saw Coming

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9 Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Creations

I've created a monster.

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Agent Carter: 10 Easter Eggs, In-Jokes And References

From Armin Zola to Zandow the Strong-Man.

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16 Sex Problems Only Women Will Understand

Boobs aren't detachable, boys.

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10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Jimmy Snuka

There'll never be another performer quite like the Superfly...

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5 Ups And 3 Downs For This Week's NXT (Sept 2)

The tag team tournament kicks off this week on NXT. Who impressed the most?

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Mission Impossible 6: 10 Things It Must Address

It's within the realm of possibility for the series to go out on top.

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NBA 2K16: 8 Exciting New Gameplay Features

Passing, post-moves, collision detection and...foot-planting technology?

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Arrow: 5 Reasons Why Oliver Queen Is The Most Compelling Superhero On Television

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The Walking Dead: 10 Important Characters Who Aren’t In The Comics

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10 Important Steps In Goldberg's Evolution

From being WCW's newest phenomenon to being jeered at 'Mania, Goldberg has done it all...

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Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain - 12 Crucial Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

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10 Ways WWE SummerSlam 2015 Could've Been Saved

The biggest party of the summer could’ve been even bigger if they had done things differently…

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17 WTF Moments From TNA Impact (September 2)

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Evolution Of WWE Raw - From 1993 To Today

23 years is a long time in any walk of entertainment...

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Scream: 10 Problems Season 2 Needs To Fix

So close, yet so far.

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8 Ways Captain America: Civil War Could Ruin The Marvel Cinematic Universe

War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again!

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The Simpsons: Every Crossover Episode Ranked - From Worst To Best

It's a small (animated) world after all.

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