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Game Of Thrones Season 6: 12 WTF Moments From Home

All the crazy stuff that went down in this week's explosive episode.
By Jack Pooley
Kevin owens

WWE Payback 2016: 10 Things You Might Have Missed

New faces, old finishes.
By Scott Fried
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60 WTF Moments From WWE Payback

OOOOO Enzo Amore!
By Ross Tweddell
Shane Stephanie Vince McMahon

WWE Payback 2016: 10 Things We Learned

Turns out Vince's decision wasn't really too shocking after all...
By Jamie Kennedy
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10 Most Godawful Celebrity Cameos In Wrestling History

That star power must run on D batteries.
By Jacob Trowbridge
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9 Big Problems With Future Scientific Breakthroughs

We can have our sci-fi future, but there are some big problems to solve first.
By Stevie Shephard
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8 New Directions For WWE After Payback 2016

What can the WWE Universe expect over the coming months?
By John Bills
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Captain America: Civil War - Every Character Ranked From Worst To Best

How do you solve a problem like splitting screen-time 18 ways?
By Simon Gallagher
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WWE Payback 2016: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

Zayn and Owens steal the show.
By Jack Pooley
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Ranking April 2016's Movies - From Worst To Best

Does Marvel reign supreme?
By Jack Pooley
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7 Reasons I Regret Staying Up To Watch WWE Payback 2016

I stayed up all through the night for that?
By John Bills
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10 Critically Acclaimed Films You Never Realised Bombed At The Box Office

Critical acclaim doesn't always equal financial gain.
By Phil Archbold
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8 Times The Rock's Wrestling Skills Eclipsed His Promo Abilities

The Rock had a gift for gab but on these occasions, his in-ring skills trumped all.
By Erik Beaston
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10 Arguments WWE Fans Will Probably Never Stop Debating

They're overrated! No, they're underrated! No...
By Jacob Trowbridge
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10 Sweetest Examples Of WWE Payback

Revenge is a dish that’s best served cold - but payback is a b**ch.
By Ben Cooke
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Captain America Civil War: 10 Implications For Infinity War

Civil War was just the beginning.
By Jack Pooley
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9 Video Game Heroes Who Turned Evil In The Sequel

The best heel turns from your favourite video game characters.
By Padraig Cotter
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6 Ups And 8 Downs From WWE Payback 2016

More McMahons! More Roman Reigns! A recipe for disappointment...
By Scott Carlson
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10 Most Insane Spots From WWE Payback 2016

Roman Reigns isn't safe anywhere from AJ Style's forearms!
By Mitch Nickelson
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WWE Payback 2016: 10 Awesome Moments

AJ Styles and Roman Reigns tear the house down.
By Jamie Kennedy
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8 Awesome Disney Fan Theories You Won't Believe

Did you know thirty Disney movies all take place in the same universe?
By Alex Leadbeater
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10 Best Golf Players Never To Win A Major

Sitting at the top of the rankings doesn't always lead to major glory.
By Darren Plant
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Ben Affleck's Batman To Face Every Villain Ever

Affleck has plans to make the "definitive Batman movie".
By Matt Holmes
Roman Reigns AJ Styles The Usos Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (May 2)

AJ Styles could be in the middle of a mass brawl again come Raw...
By Jamie Kennedy
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Captain America: Civil War - 26 WTF Moments

Jaw-dropping and not just for good reasons.
By Simon Gallagher
Captain America Civil War Easter Eggs.jpg

Captain America: Civil War - 30 Easter Eggs & References You Must See

Team Stank!
By Simon Gallagher
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25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 1st)

New beginnings, throwbacks and redneck knives...
By Simon Gallagher
Carl Up

10 Saddest Character Deaths In Movie History

How we cried...
By Andrew Dilks
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10 Last-Minute WWE Payback 2016 Rumors You Need To Know

Are we about to see the arrival of you-know-who?
By Scott Fried
Darth Maul Death Blood

10 Reasons You’re Wrong About The Star Wars Prequels

Think the prequels are nothing but Bantha fodder? Think again.
By Alex Leadbeater