Brock Lesnar Paul Heyman 2002.jpg

10 Best Things About The 2002 WWE Brand Split

Big benefits in splitting brands.
By Grahame Herbert
Bobby Lashley WrestleMania 22

10 Times Vince McMahon's WWE Pet Projects Failed Him

Vince genuinely thought Bobby Lashley was going to be one of the biggest stars ever...
By Jamie Kennedy
Game of Thrones Arya Margaery

Game Of Thrones Season 6: 10 Ups And 2 Downs From 'Blood Of My Blood'

A girl has been given a second chance...
By James Hunt
Paige WWE

10 Superstars Who Will Benefit Most From WWE Draft 2016

Brand extension offers much greater opportunity for these 10 stars.
By Erik Beaston
John Cena JBL Judgement Day 2005

10 Greatest WWE Smackdown Brand PPVs

The best of the blue brand supershows. 
By Justin Henry
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows Shredder

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows - 11 Awful Moments Everyone Will Hate

Shredder gets owned.
By Jack Pooley
aj styles john cena

7 Ups & 9 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (May 31)

What triumphantly returned to action and what was an unwelcome visitor?
By Scott Carlson
Warcraft Paula Patton

Warcraft: 10 Reasons It's A Huge Disappointment

Prepare to cringe.
By Jack Pooley
Leva Bates

10 Women Who Could Be WWE's Sister Abigail

If Bray's inspiration must have a physical presence, who could it be?
By John Bills
Diamond Dallas Page WWE Promo

10 Wrestlers Who Found Out WWE Wasn't The Promised Land

Vader Time? Not in the WWF it isn't!
By Jamie Kennedy
XMen Apocalypse Characters

X-Men: Apocalypse - Every Character Ranked From Worst To Best

The winners and losers of Bryan Singer's threequel.
By Simon Gallagher
Friday The 13th

10 Horror Franchises That Should Be Turned Into Video Games

The most iconic movie monsters at your fingertips.
By Richard John Dorricott
Alternative Avengers

17 Actors You Didn't Know Almost Played The Avengers

Be thankful for right decisions...
By Simon Gallagher
Kane World Heavyweight Champion 2010

10 Most Uncharismatic WWE World Champions Of The Last 20 Years

Proof that a personality is not required to win a major WWE title.
By Matt Marsden
Jericho Raw Matches

10 WWE Stars With The Most RAW Matches Ever

Who has locked up on the flagship show the most times?
By John Bills
Spec Ops The Line Martin Walker

10 Video Games You Didn’t Realise Gave Away Their Major Twists

The answers were there all along.
By Brandon Jacobs
Captain Cold Wentworth Miller The Flash

The Flash: 10 Best Villains (so Far)

Deranged speedsters. Charismatic Rogues. One big ape.
By Geoff Cox
Nic Cage Wicker Man

10 Hilarious Horror Films That Weren't Supposed To Be Funny

Horror comedy with the horror.
By Ian Watson
Speed Explosion

10 Dumb Movie Trailers That Ruined The Film's Ending

Trailer? I think you mean spoiler.
By Phil Archbold
John Cena Raw

10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (May 30)

Just what do WWE have in store for John Cena's return?
By Jamie Kennedy
Chris Jericho

WWE And TNA: 7 Worst Moments Of The Week (May 29)

Feuds that have no point, and a match that should never have existed!
By Andrew Soucek
XMen Apocalypse Professor X

8 Reasons X-Men: Apocalypse Doesn't Deserve The Hate

It has been given some pretty harsh reviews, but is that fair?
By Bevan Morgan
Walt Disney Screencaps Gaston Walt Disney Characters 31944510 2560 1440

10 Disturbing Life Lessons Disney Movies Teaches You

By Michael Thompson
Disney Secrets

17 Disneyland Secrets They Don't Know Want You To Know‏

Walt Disney is controlling your mind. Through your nose.
By Tom Baker
Pinocchio Gif

10 Horrific Truths Behind Your Favourite Disney Movies

Disney left out the part where Ariel commits suicide and turns to foam, apparently.
By Holland Baker
Instagram Header

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (May 29th)

Extreme hangovers, big returns and posers.
By Simon Gallagher
Beauty And The Beast 2017

Beauty And The Beast: 7 Reasons It Will Make Disney A Billion

Go on, be their guests...
By Simon Gallagher
JJ Abrams X Men

5 Directors Who Could Save The X-Men Franchise From Mediocrity

It's high-time Bryan Singer stepped away...
By Jaylyn Cook
Scorsese Vice City

10 Video Games That Should Be Movies (And Who Should Direct Them)

A DiCaprio/Scorsese reunion for Vice City, anyone?
By Phil Archbold

10 Lessons DC Needs To Learn From Batman V Superman

Can DC admit their mistakes?
By Connor Briggs-Morris