Minecraft Porn

20 Things All Parents Of Minecraft-Obsessed Kids Will Understand

When they start watching Minecraft porn, it's time to step in.
By Kyle D
minecraft calculator

Minecraft: 10 Genuinely Mind-Blowing Machines Fans Have Created

From playable guitars to calculators and... a working iPhone?!
By Matty Coxhill
Xbox One Minecraft

10 Video Games That Would Save The Xbox One

It's time for Microsoft to open that bank vault and spend some serious cash to turn things…
By Henry Dowling
Minecraft Rocket

11 Addictive Video Games You Had To Stop Yourself Playing

Many psychiatrists treat gaming literally as a drug, and - oh, sorry where were we? It's about…
By Scott Tailford

Minecraft Mods: 25 Insane Fan Creations You Won’t Believe

Minecraft's block-based building system may be deceivingly simple to utilise, but it has…
By Tom Butler
Minecraft Steve

15 Incredible Creations That Prove Minecraft-Obsessives Are Geniuses

Hogwarts? The Starship Enterprise? The entire realm of Westeros? Prepare to gawp.
By Sam Coleman

10 Video Games That Were Great At First (But We Quickly Lost Interest)

The games that were awesome for a day or two, but then starting collecting dust on your shelf.
By Sam Coleman

8 Spooky Gaming Urban Legends That Will Give You Nightmares

By Neale McGeever
Gta V Social Life

10 Video Games That Ruined Your Social Life

By Ivan Davison

10 Classic Video Game Glitches That Allowed Us All To Cheat

By Humza Ahmed
N2 BulletStorm 089a

9 Most Enjoyable Weapons In Video Games

By Simon M. King

Minecraft: 10 Reasons We're Still Playing

By Brandon Smith
Minecraft 360

Minecraft 360 1.8.2 Update & Creative Mode Coming Next Week?

By Simon Gallagher

Minecraft 360: 10 Things We Want From The Next Update

It’s hard not to crave more: more blocks, more world to explore or more enemies.
By Rob John Downer
Minecraft 2

10 Best Minecraft Creations

We all have our favourite builds and here's mine...
By Jay Unsworth
Minecraft header

Minecraft Mod Makes Blocks Unbelievably Beautiful

Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shaders mod infinitely boosts the game's visual quality
By Simon Gallagher

10 Best Ever Minecraft Mods

We celebrate the ten greatest Mods of the build-it-yourself game phenomenon
By Rob Sheridan

Minecraft Patch 1.3 For PC Gets Details And Release Date

Mojang has released a ton of new information on their highly anticipated Minecraft patch 1.3 .
By Michael Shelton

Xbox All-Stars Fighting: Who We Would Pick

WhatCulture! explores a fantasy world where Microsoft answers the call for an Xbox 360 brawler.
By Michael Shelton
GHY 600

GHY Podcast #2.4 - Doctor Who, Diablo 3, Ghost Recon, Dragon's Dogma

This week the Game Hates You crew discuss Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock, Minecraft vs COD,…
By Jim Cross

Game Hates You Podcast #2.3 - Diablo III, The Walking Dead, Max Payne 3 & 38 Studios

After a brief hiatus, the weekly video game discussion podcast Game Hates You has returned for…
By Jim Cross
GHY 300

Game Hates You Podcast #2.2 - Max Payne 3, Awesomenauts, Minecraft & Starhawk

Episode 2.2 of the Game Hates You podcast.
By Jim Cross
Minecraft 2

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Review [XBLA]

A must play for newcomers to the franchise, the free sandbox gameplay is a sheer joy.
By Rob John Downer

Minecraft XBox 360 Getting Rave Reviews

Console port of Notch's self-build masterpiece being roundly lauded on release from the great…
By Simon Gallagher

Play Castlevania... in Minecraft

Take a look at one man's recreation of a Konami classic within the world of Minecraft.
By Harriet Jones

New Game in Development From Minecraft Creator

Details for a new game from the creator of Minecraft released for an alternate reality space…
By Harriet Jones
Half Life 3

April Fools Gaming Round-Up: Best of the Best

The gaming community definitely sees some of the most unique, and sometimes downright…
By Michael Shelton

Minecraft Coming To XBLA on May 9 With Friends

Xbox Live's spring lineup is appearing to bring us a variety of entertaining titles to choose…
By Michael Shelton
LEgo Minecraft

Minecraft: LEGO Micro World Set Unveiled

Obsessed with building blocky worlds in Minecraft? Now you can build them in the real world,…
By Simon Gallagher
psyconauts 1

Minecraft Creator Would Help Psychonauts 2 Get Made

Markus Notch reportedly teaming with Tim Schafer to bring the sequel to life.
By Matt Mann