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7 Things We Want To See In The Future Deadpool Sequels

Because who doesn't want to see Deadpool vs Spidey?

21 Nov 2015 Mark Grainger

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10 Times Spider-Man Was An A**hole

Peter Parker picked a pack of pickled peppers and ate them all in front of starving children.

18 Nov 2015 Vince Cicchino

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8 Captain America: Civil War Characters Guaranteed To Disappoint

Don't get your hopes up over Spider-Man.

18 Nov 2015 Josh Wilding

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10 Severely Underrated Spider-Man Games You Must Play

There are some real hidden gems out there for fans of the Wall-Crawler.

14 Nov 2015 Gareth Cartwright

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Marvel’s Spider-Man: 8 Characters The New Movies Need To Introduce

Ol' Webhead has a rich supporting cast, so stop giving us Harry Osborn already.

13 Nov 2015 Mark Grainger

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10 Most Powerful Characters In Spider-Man Movies

Hint: Spider-Man's nowhere near the top.

12 Nov 2015 K.J. Stewart

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10 Spider-Man Comic Arcs That Would Make Incredible Video Games

Batman got the Arkham series, Spidey needs one of these. Simple.

7 Nov 2015 Gareth Cartwright

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Captain America: Civil War - Spider-Man Reveal Coming Next Week?

Entertainment Weekly might have the big scoop.

4 Nov 2015 Simon Gallagher

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8 Reasons Marvel's Spider-Man Might Be A Total Let Down

Just because Marvel is involved doesn't mean this new Spider-Man will be better than the last one!

2 Nov 2015 Josh Wilding

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8 Superhero Movie Tropes That Need To Die

Can we move on from all the crying?

29 Oct 2015 Tom Nicholson

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8 Insane Marvel Phase 3 Rumours You Need To See To Believe

If this is really the cast of Marvel's Spider-Man, he may have been better off staying at Sony!

19 Oct 2015 Josh Wilding

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8 Facts We Actually Know About The MCU Spider-Man

Yeah, Marvel seem to know what they're doing.

7 Oct 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Villains For The Spider-Man Reboot (And How To Use Them)

Not including Topher Grace, the most dastardly villain of all.

28 Sep 2015 Vince Cicchino

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Captain America: Civil War - 11 Things That Definitely Won't Happen

Long live Captain America.

15 Sep 2015 Simon Gallagher

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MCU Spider-Man Movie Wishlist: 5 Things We Want To See

Can Marvel get it right where Sony failed?

13 Sep 2015 Trevor Gentry-Birnbaum

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8 New Actors Who Can Save Marvel Phase 3

Nevermind the world, it's the MCU that needs a hero.

19 Aug 2015 Benjamin Croll

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13 Comic Book Villains That Movies Ruined Worse Than Dr Doom

Because at least he didn't end up like "Barakapool"...

19 Aug 2015 Jack Pooley

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We're Going To Get More Spider-Man Than Expected In Captain America: Civil War

Tom Holland has joined the production in Germany.

18 Aug 2015 Daniel Kelly