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10 Possible Looks For Marvel's New Spider-Man

Rumour has it that Spider-Man is getting an Iron Man approved upgrade in the MCU.

12 Apr 2015 Josh Wilding

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16 Severely Underrated Video Games That Deserve A Second Chance

The hype train has left the station. Please resume your normal level of sanity.

6 Apr 2015 Scott Tailford

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20 Greatest Spider-Man Villains Of All Time

Which Avenger would Spider-Man consider one of his greatest foes?

1 Apr 2015 Josh Wilding

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Spider-Man: 5 Things Marvel Will Miss From The Amazing Series

The prodigal son has returned to Marvel Studios, but what will be missed from Sony's reboot series?

31 Mar 2015 Gareth Cartwright

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11 Ways Age Of Ultron Could Still Surprise Everyone

Could there be hints of Planet Hulk and Spidey already?

25 Mar 2015 K.J. Stewart


10 Franchises That Killed Off The Wrong Person

Yeah, losing Emma Stone will really help your series...

11 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

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The Spectacular Spider-Man: 10 Reasons It's Already Doomed

Remember when news of a new Spider-Man movie was exciting?

4 Mar 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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Spider-Man: 5 Reasons Drew Goddard Is Perfect (And 5 He's Not)

On the one hand, he did The Cabin In The Woods! On the other, World War Z...

3 Mar 2015 Tom Baker

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10 Things You Need To Know About The Spectacular Spider-Man

Wait, Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man is going to be like the Harry Potter franchise?

3 Mar 2015 Josh Wilding

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Drew Goddard Will Direct The Spectacular Spider-Man Reboot

New Spider-Man movie has its writer and director.

2 Mar 2015 Matt Holmes

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10 Things You Need To Know About James Cameron's Spider-Man

Is Arnie as Doc Ock potentially the best or worst idea ever?

25 Feb 2015 Tom Baker


9 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Almost Turned Out Awesome

They very nearly didn't need Marvel's help.

25 Feb 2015 Alex Leadbeater

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10 Unanswered Questions From The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

You'll never find out what happened to Uncle Ben's killer.

20 Feb 2015 Josh Wilding

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11 Marvel Comics Moments Now Possible With Spider-Man In The MCU

So many webtastic possibilities.

19 Feb 2015 K.J. Stewart

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8 Reasons Why Fans Should Be Worried About Spider-Man Joining The MCU

Excited about Spider-Man joining the MCU? Hold on a second...

18 Feb 2015 Josh Wilding

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10 Ways Sony Could Have Saved The Spider-Man Franchise Without Marvel

Sony really didn't need Marvel Studios to fix Spider-Man.

17 Feb 2015 Josh Wilding

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13 Awesome Comic Book Movie Facts You Didn't Know In 2014

TWO Batman cameos?!

16 Feb 2015 Simon Gallagher

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Spider-Man 2017: 10 Things Marvel Must Get Right

Because nothing short of a perfect Spider-Man film will do...

16 Feb 2015 Baz Greenland