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WWE Unhappy With Mixed Match Challenge Viewership Dip

Facebook show said to be struggling.
By David Cambridge

WWE's Mark Henry Retires

World's Stongest Man calls time.
By David Cambridge

10 WWE Wrestlers Who NEED A Great 2018

Under pressure.
By David Cambridge

10 Surprise Entrants We Want To See In WWE's Women's Royal Rumble

Not featured: Santina Marella.
By David Cambridge

7 Last-Minute WWE PPV Replacements That Rocked 

Angle and Styles are far from the first to substitute for another wrestler at a PPV.
By Scott Carlson

10 Best Wrestling Documentaries Ever

Note to self: don't ask if wrestling is fake.
By David Cambridge

10 Wrestlers WWE Will Sign In The Next 12 Months

Who will be the next to jump from the independents to WWE?
By John Bills

Shield Reunion Video Brings In Huge YouTube Views For WWE

It's the company's most watched clip since the Hardy Boyz return.
By David Cambridge

Why AJ Styles Is Working Dark Matches Instead Of WWE SmackDown

Meltzer reveals reason US Champ isn't competing on SD.
By David Cambridge

Bradley Cooper Is Vince McMahon In WWE Biopic?

Hangover star offered role, say sources.
By David Cambridge