10 Best Comic Book Characters NOT From Marvel Or DC

9. Dee (Image Comics)

Image Comics

There are a lot of reasons to love the original run of Rat Queens from Image Comics. The fun cast of characters, the casual but no less detailed world building, and how it feels like for the script, the writers just held their own D&D campaign and left in all the out of character tangents the players go on. But out of all of the great characters that make up the moldy metropolis of Palisade, Dee reigns supreme.

Dee hails from a death cult that worships N'Rygoth, a Lovecraftian squid god who offered prosperity for the cult for the low low price of near constant blood sacrifice. As you can imagine, Dee took issue with this method of running things, slowly grew disillusioned with her faith, left her husband and people, and eventually joined up with the Rat Queens mercenary band.

Every member of the Rat Queens would be the comic relief in a traditional adventuring party, so it's no surprise that Dee's sharp wit and banter with the other queens is often hilarious. But what sets her apart is that her wit carries that tinge of world weariness that you'd expect from a backstory like her's.

However, unlike other fantasy characters in her situation, she is far from the "den mother" of the group. The other Rat Queens are all adults, and she treats them as such, letting them stew in messes of their own creation.

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