X-Men: 10 Actors Who Could Play The MCU’s Magneto

Any of these actors could bring magnetism to the magnetic mutant!

Magneto Viggo Mortensen

The mutants are coming to the MCU, and once they've arrived, they're going to need a leader to guide them. The X-Men are lucky enough to have the ever-beloved Professor X on their side. But, what about the others? They've got the just as beloved - but for entirely different reasons - Magneto to take them by the hand and carry them into the MCU.

The X-Men (and mutants, in general) are some of the most profitable and well-known characters in Marvel history, so it's going to be a big deal when they finally cross the 20th Century Fox threshold and step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ms Marvel has already made allusions to their arrival, so the time is imminent.

Of course, when the prospect of new heroes/villains entering the MCU comes along, one question always comes to mind - who will play them? There's a slew of great characters to speculate on (you can see suggestions for Wolverine and Cyclops here, for example). But, of all the big names, Magneto is one of the most important.

So, let's dive into ten actors who would undoubtedly nail the complex baddie.

10. Lars Mikkelsen

Magneto Viggo Mortensen

The Mikkelsen family already have their fingers in the MCU pie, thanks to Mads Mikkelsen's role as Kaecilius, the villain of Doctor Strange. Was it a particularly good showing? No, it was not, and it sadly meant that Mads could no longer be considered for better roles. He would have been a shoo-in for this list otherwise. However, in the words of Master Yoda, "there is another".

While Lars Mikkelsen doesn't have quite the same amount of star power as his younger brother, he's still a respectable actor with some stellar experience in the bad guy department. He's played intimidating/creepy roles in The Witcher, Sherlock, House of Cards and more. He even has a little experience with the House of Mouse, having provided the voice for Grand Admiral Thrawn in Star Wars: Rebels.

The man has a gift for being unsettling. His sly and arrogant facial expressions, combined with slow and steady line delivery, make him seem entirely cold and calculating. This would turn his version of Erik Lensherr into a formidable strategist and leader - not to mention a creepy bad guy.


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